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The Production Process


From start to finish, video production is a parade of problem solving – which is why it interests me. 

The whole time, I’m thinking, what is this going to do for the edit?  The end result drives the whole process.

Planning for a successful video is uber-important, yet it is often very difficult for people to articulate what their yet-to-be-created-video should do for them. I help coax this out of them with questions like, “What do you want your video to look like?” “What do you want it to accomplish?” “Who is your target audience?”

When shoot day comes, I’m looking for natural and authentic. Which means – I’ve got to get people to feel comfortable when there is a big, black camera pointed at them. It can be difficult to have a “natural conversation” in this “unnatural context.” But somehow, in the midst of an interview, the contrived feeling disappears, and we end up with more than enough material to tell the story with heart.



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The Art of Editing

People say, “What kind of person WANTS to be a video editor?”  I do. 

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Volunteer Spirit

A personal project often comes with zero budget. 

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